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Antoinette Taus is a Filipino singer and actress, currently singing with Kinfolk 9.

Widely recognized as a triple threat all throughout her successful career, there is not one aspect of the entertainment industry that she has not conquered triumphantly. She began appearing in commercials at the age of four. By age eleven, she was catapulted to stardom as she simultaneously began to dominate Philippine music, movies, theater and television. She has been a spokesperson for some of the leading brands in the world and has received numerous awards and accolades for her outstanding talents. As a representative of the Philippines, she was selected to host the BBC Millennium Celebration, which was broadcast worldwide. Having toured various countries, her work has been recognized throughout numerous international markets, expanding her growing fan base.

With a slew of top rated television shows, blockbuster films and chart topping albums under her belt, she is now based in Los Angeles where she continues to pursue her dream of becoming one of the top entertainers in the world.[1]

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